Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harder than steel

And information on the ERP, Zhang magic mind is fuzzy, so in an interview Friday afternoon to go to a company's information department of posts and dialed my phone.

"Can you tell me some information of general definition, as my afternoon rhetoric, is not it can be said that a number of ERP to help businesses streamline the management software is a very important auxiliary tool?"

Although the words are very amateurish, but there are some words touched me, help, support ... ... we can see magic in the eyes of Zhang ERP is only a sort of supporting role, with the better. I believe most of this view, but tend to emerge around some very different type of example. Some steel mills are the ERP push up from the secondary location, the enterprise could not do without the "equipment." Like a ticket, do not and can not enter.

A U.S. law, a German company has deepened the feelings of the ERP, and as the market changes, such feelings will be deeper. U.S. anti-dumping regulations (commonly known as Section 201) provides that the sales price for the imported goods shall not be less than its cost of production. Not only the United States, the trend of global economic integration, to avoid malicious terms of market competition in the country have been or soon will be introduced.

Bill to talk about easy on the surface is very reasonable, but object to specific application is a test of any non-United States steel companies into the U.S. market must have a ticket, that is the price structure statement. ThyssenKrupp in Germany, a great piece of business is steel, stainless steel sell it to Washington, they must provide to the U.S. government of any kind or a batch of steel production cost report.

In the market, the price is a very sensitive thing, and now the price is no longer a completely individual behavior of enterprises, to enter the U.S. market can and can not sell this price, unless you have a good reason. This is indeed a very sentimental thing, a ton of steel is often because of dozens of money blocked, so exaggerated it? The fact is that today's steel industry well into the low-profit, the profit margin per ton of steel than 3% to 6% of the slit space. Some domestic steel mills, only one 200 per ton profit.

Faced with this space, not to mention cheaper than the others sell, is to do what a reasonable price, very difficult. Because of the error cost per ton of steel requires very high, only 3 percent profit margin, your error on the 5% possible? ThyssenKrupp Steel refining, no matter how, we must learn to plan carefully. From the mine, from sintering, to iron, to steel, which after all links to hundreds of species involved, and even higher price factor. Steel production process is very complicated, is not a complete process of production, in order to streamline the main, while there are discrete. A manufacturing process, starting from the sales order to the job shop scheduling, because the chemical reaction itself is a production process, can not achieve 100% comply with orders for the needs of production found in element content if there are deviations, you can consider the production to the corresponding closer to the orders on, so here will involve some transfer of side orders, combination of balance and optimize batch production process. Cost components involved, they will find that this is a complex knot, and you do the price report, to track the prices of these 11 must be answered, or to make a reasonable cost distribution.

In addition, the MT will be many factors, such as: the production of scrap will be reasonable to calculate a retirement factor to consider when and why your lower coefficient than the others, to have data on; in the steel industry, the logistics chain is long, middle and end of transport costs, a car steel boat Ye Hao Ye Hao, all products are mixed transportation, freight rates of different species sharing the last one ... ...

This view down the price per ton of steel to formulate really "difficult birth." If you do not have a complete ERP system, the monitoring process, not to mention your order reaction cycle is a few days, how fast the internal balance optimization of production, a price reports are simply not complete, and the front is just a help to enhance and accelerate the price report is your ticket into the U.S. market, one. From this high view, ERP on the significance of ThyssenKrupp is not to live better, and become The island has.

Not only the U.S. market today, tomorrow's Japanese market, the UK market, the Egyptian market, which for foreign enterprises, or even legal restrictions on domestic enterprises will be more and more, on the one hand to stabilize the market, on the other hand cast one after another gap. Competitive performance in the future in many ways, a direct product technology, there will be some trade production areas. You can complete the technology development, the above example you have to be completed by means of information. Many of the South is said to do a small factory sanitary ware are also on the management software, because the product sold to the United States, although no legal restrictions on where the business environment requires, you can not do business without electronic means, there is the principle of a ticket.

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