Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Using De exterminate rabbits annoying ads RMVB movies

I believe people who regularly download all met to watch the back of the RM or RMVB to download videos will pop up browser window somehow, some of these windows are full screen ads, and even some also contain Trojan horse virus.

I have also had this garbage in the virus, computer games hard to lay a QQ number from this account and no longer belongs to me. At that time do not understand what happened, 鍚庢潵 friend told me that some 浜?鍔犲叆 deliberately movie files Zhong junk codes, while watching the movie Zhezhonghanyou garbage code when the pop-up malicious Web page, the user's computer implanted Trojan virus.

Because hidden deep, and many anti-virus software can not be killing time, the most effective way is to take early precautions. Then a friend recommended I listen to this download software off rabbit Tuotu because it embedded video ads virus killing capabilities, it can open the movie file before all of the malicious code will be removed, prior protection to any new virus or variant no chance of invasion computer.

Using rabbit killing off the virus function is very simple video advertising, off Rabbit and the latest de-rabbit 3 support. Rabbit set off the first entry in the download is complete before automatically clear the check mark. This rabbit off automatically after the download is complete to monitor and remove all RM, RMVB advertisements contained in the virus code.

Figure 1
If the downloaded file is not selected automatically killing, you can complete the list in the task right, you can choose to film the pop-up ad, after killing there will be a prompt, so you can rest assured that the beginning of the watch.

If your computer has antivirus software installed, off of each rabbit is called automatically after the download is complete anti-virus check the file, for non-movie files can also play a very good virus protection role.

Figure 2

Hopefully this can give some help like a friend to download, use the skills and experience of rabbit off a lot, hope to share with you more.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Comment VPN problems can be operational 5 6 words

VPN using the bearer network is Internet, and Internet network environment is a large and complex networks, network and general line network have a certain distinction. If you want a VPN solution that can operate to solve the following five questions:

A solution is a dynamic address allocation, operators can use DHCP Over IPSec technology to provide business customers IP address and network planning services.

2 solve the NAT traversal problem, many enterprises can not properly develop MIS system to the national or global, it is because NAT can not be solved after the local address and remote address unreasonable, so I use IPSec VPN must use the State Standard NAT traversal technology, operators can help businesses solve problems through two-way NAT, but not in operation during the face compatibility issues.

3 to solve the tunnel routing technology support, enterprise network environment is likely not a simple star networks, routing must support in order to meet the needs of different users.

4 to provide QoS support for the tunnel, the tunnel-based QoS can be guaranteed, can provide critical data for enterprise protection for operators to ensure the diversity of business.

5 dynamic IP addresses in case of tunnel establishment, enterprise customers are likely ADSL IP addresses dynamically allocated, so use common IP address as the target of the tunnel can not be established method of operation, so operators can provide DDNS to ensure that dynamic IP addresses tunnel establishment.

An operation of IPSec VPN solutions, including the level of

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Using photoshop build a passion Miyi chocolate effect

This article describes how to use Photoshop effect of making chocolate, the steps are simple, almost all use Photoshop's filters, and values do not change, interested friends can follow what to do.

Final results

Step one: Create a black background layer, set the size of their

Step two: filter --- ---- render lens flare

Step Three: Filter --- ---- spraying Stroke Stroke

Step Three: Filter --- --- wave distortion

Step four: Filter - Sketch - Chrome Yellow

Step Five: Pull the red color balance in the end --- ---- yellow pull in the end

Step Six: --- filter --- twisted rotation distortion, easily adjust values, see the effect.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

P2P operators transform their billing through traffic into the regular army

The most hot as the last two years is also one of the most controversial technology, P2P technology revolutionized the traditional telecom model of centralized control, the development of the traditional telecommunications network had a huge impact.

In the September meeting held in the Internet, P2P once again become the focus of public attention, but different from the past that are in contradiction whirlpool carriers showed an extremely calm and rational, China Telecom and China Netcom in charge were invariably shown on the P2P-minded attitude.

China Telecom chief engineer Wei Leping clear that China Telecom will provide the media with a P2P service, and applications for legal P2P traffic to divert to accelerate local service. China Netcom (Group) Co., Ltd., deputy chief engineer left the wind even more bluntly, P2P is a good model, telecom operators should consider using this model.

Under such a change, we now see is that carriers bearer network transformation, and through technical means to strengthen control of P2P services, and then to traffic accounting based on the direction of change.

Abnormal input-output ratio

Resulting input-output ratio is mainly due to lower carrier has not been found more responsive to the P2P model.

BT download, online video, instant messaging, ... ..., these take up a lot of bandwidth to P2P service users to experience the pleasure, and gradually become the killer application of next-generation Internet, but the operator has little revenue from; the same time, P2P caused by network congestion also affects the critical links to other Internet business. From a fixed network operators, data show that, P2P traffic generated from operations of individual links in the individual time slots occupied by the operator's network 80% of the bandwidth, but do not bring their earnings to 20%. The iResearch Consulting statistics showed that in normal circumstances, P2P network operators to take up 40% to 60% of the bandwidth, the peak occupancy rate even as high as 70% to 90%, but revenue is only P2P service 5% of its total revenue.

Resulting input-output ratio is mainly due to lower carrier has not been found more responsive to the P2P model. To charging, for example, according to Ministry of Planning and Design Institute of the telecommunications and data exchange, deputy director of the Department of Lin-xiao, at present domestic operators mainly for broadband services such as monthly and monthly fee model, these models aimed at ordinary rates Internet business and design. As the ordinary business of the Internet bandwidth consumption is relatively small, and flow rates in a relatively balanced state, input-output ratio is relatively reasonable. However, the emergence of P2P allows users to flow substantially faster than the general Internet business (some calculations, 1 hour video take up the equivalent of an electronic mail network resource consumption of the year). In this case, still using the original charging mode, naturally will cause a decline in input-output ratio.

Moreover, while the traditional C / S structure than, P2P is high on the other, extensibility, robustness, high, cost-effective as well as load balancing and other advantages, P2P applications business also faces a lack of control, no guarantee of quality , piracy and other issues.

For taking up a lot of bandwidth and resources, many companies have to P2P software to disable the method; operators for P2P is showing a strong "ban" attitude, some operators have also adopted restrictions on P2P traffic means control of users.

Rational Transformation Network

The rapid decline in fixed voice and broadband boost for P2P applications, forcing operators to have a more rational treatment of P2P, and start thinking of the bearer network transformation.

Despite the impact of the P2P operators build enthusiasm, Internet users and carriers intensified the conflict between, but the rapid decline in fixed voice and broadband boost for P2P applications, forcing operators to have a more rational treatment of P2P, and start thinking transformation of the bearer network.

Recently, renowned Internet expert Professor Hou Ziqiang said the General Assembly on the Internet, China Telecom, China Netcom and China Mobile and other operators have begun to transform CDN network, transformed the network can support, including BT and P2P streaming media category, including download. "Currently, China Telecom megaupload, Netcom CNCMAX have been able to apply P2P. Monternet China Mobile also began to explore applications for the Internet, and has already set the wireless IP and Internet business environment, the idea to support the P2P service. "

Concern is that many problems faced in the P2P, the growth of video content to be a very prominent contradictions, some people even call it P2P, "knot."

Statistics show that, in the domestic Internet market, the Web content is more than 10% increase in annual growth, which is the fastest growing video content. If you rely only on hardware investment to increase bandwidth, not only will lead to rising costs, will create security problems. Hsu, CEO ChinaCache four young that, CDN (content distribution network) is the key to solve this problem, "If we need to use the Internet compared the P2P transfer of resources copy of the film, CDN service is set up one by one cinema. If there is only on the Internet a cinema, then go to the cinema when a large number of users to watch, they will form a congestion situation; even into the cinema, the audience can not have a good viewing environment. And if the film was made into copies are shown in different theaters, This congestion situation would not exist. This is the CDN works. "

Qing Xu four that does not use CDN impact the overall performance of the network, and video content providers can help significantly reduce overall operating costs. "After the way with CDN, the operation between the independent cinema, including a theater problem does not affect the work of other theaters. He also presented a set of data: in the United States, 80% of users use the CDN services and, in China the figure is only 5%.

Lin-xiao that, CDN and P2P integration is a good idea, but combined in different ways, and now appears there are some problems.

Apart from the introduction of P2P CDN business, there are experts on the future of P2P services network carrying the new ideas presented.

Wu Hequan Chinese works that overlap in the CNGI network based on technology developed intelligent points of P2P, better utilization of the Internet resources.

In fact, operators are also changing for the P2P network equipment manufacturers to bring opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, P2P services to enable operators to increase the demand for equipment, for manufacturers to provide more market opportunities; while on the other hand, operators are implementing sophisticated operation, do not blindly expansion.

In this regard, ZTE Intelligent Network Products Network Systems Division, Senior Engineer, Director of Dong Zhenjiang that P2P's impact in the telecommunications industry has been the traditional focus on service model is difficult to effectively support the rapid development of broadband applications and users growing needs, who can provide operational, can be managed P2P network equipment solutions will be operator of all ages.

P2P technology used to control business

According to estimates, as have the ability to distinguish between business, the backbone of the Internet bandwidth management costs per 10G to increase around 1.5 million yuan; the end of the deployment of service differentiation in the ability to access higher costs, assessed to each user's bandwidth costs would increase accordingly Great.

In addition to the network transformation, the current operators have also adopted a number of technical means to realize the P2P services classification and scheduling, enhance the ability of the control of P2P services. Early applied to the corporate market DPI (deep packet inspection) technology is increasingly being used to distinguish P2P service operators.

It is understood that many U.S. carriers in the deployment of IPTV, we began large-scale adoption in the business hub of DPI equipment. This trend is also stimulating a focal point for equipment manufacturers in the data device to increase the functions of DPI or DPI board. Carrier IP network technology consulting Xiangdong that the focal point of the DPI equipment and data equipment integration will be the future trend of development, such as the Cisco 7600 series and Alcatel-Lucent 7750SR features are available in the DPI.

Typically, Cai Yong DPI technology products of the main features include: using real-time user Shuojufenxi, Zhuangtai Xieyishibie, Ye Wu Liu Jian Kong, Yingyongchengxu monitoring, Hui Hua control, business strategy deployment, use and control, operational quality, safety, traffic management. According to Zhang Xiangdong introduction, although DPI technology for the mitigation of P2P services to the network congestion caused by very effective, but the domestic carriers should be combined with the domestic status of DPI technology, and combined with actual test results to select the DPI product. In the promotion of foreign firms, it should highlight the status of those applications for the Chinese product features. For example, domestic operators MAN exports, net exports are mostly provincial, 2.5G POS link, but most foreign companies are mostly foreign to provide the 10G interface DPI product.

Broadband network by upgrading the quality of services and the business of perception, classification, scheduling capabilities, making P2P services have become able to "control", but also for traffic accounting by operators to achieve possible, but it will also lead to increased costs. According to estimates, as have the ability to distinguish between business, the backbone of the Internet bandwidth management costs per 10G to increase around 1.5 million yuan; the end of the deployment of service differentiation in the ability to access higher costs, assessed to each user's bandwidth costs would increase accordingly Great. Therefore, there are some other new operators tend to carry a large number of networks for business customers, the existing network will continue to carry, including P2P services, including general application.

P2P speed up the transformation operator

For those who can not tolerate their marginalization of the value of operators, service providers need to transition to the information to provide more value-added services, and P2P operators will become an integrated information service provider to the transformation of the accelerator.

In the transformation of the network and through technical means to enhance operational control of the P2P capabilities, operators can not ignore a crucial question is: to explore a reasonable profit model, the formation of healthy industrial chain, P2P industry to promote healthy, positive development, but the basis of this development to be able to ensure the continued construction of the network.

As Hou Ziqiang said, the attitude of P2P operators for the change is only a matter of time, "used to be thinking about how to make more money, and now must consider the needs of users. Broadband is the operator that the ultimate solution, but it's broadband users to download a P2P strong demand, operators must strive to do this ecosystem. "Recently, the Ministry of Information Industry Institute of Telecommunications Planning and Design Institute, Deputy Director Hu Jian Bo also said that" the user needs to download BT very strong, certain points of view , operators should lead to this need, and use the model to achieve a reasonable profit. "

Traditional telecom operators to provide users with service model is controllable, high-quality service and charge accordingly. But with VoIP, as represented in free Internet service intervention, operators of traditional profit models are being challenged. For those who can not tolerate their marginalization of the value of an operator, information service providers need to transition to provide more value-added services, while P2P Ze become the operator to integrated information services business transformation accelerator.

Represented by the Chinese telecom operators are trying to use its technological advantage and operational advantages, the scale of development of P2P applications. It is reported that last year, China Telecom, Guangzhou Institute of CNGI successful demonstration project in the "P2P-based digital media business development and application of experimental" project, Guangdong Telecom is developing P2P-based security integrity of the on-demand, live, downloads and other digital media business.

While the huge user base allows operators to have a good basis for operating P2P services, but in the information services, telecom operators to provide capacity information and other media can not be compared with the broadcast. In this regard, Hu Jianbo that telecom operators and content providers need to adopt a collaborative model to bring this piece of business done.

In addition to file download, video, instant communications with external, standardized P2P 鎶?湳 is also widely used in IPTV, streaming media services, video storage and other fields, Li Yong P2P 鎶?湳 also Keyi 浜や粯 build new media, distribution of Ji Tong. Therefore, in addition to the scale of development of the P2P applications, P2P provide differentiated services for carriers is also an option. From this point, Guizhou, China Netcom and Shanghai used together to build a network of "Netcom Watch" is very representative.

As the first test the water P2P streaming media operators, Guizhou, Shanghai Netcom network by using a new generation of P2P technology platform to provide - SNS network, has created a telecom operator and ISP P2P networks as a dominant industry chain. Analysis, advertising revenue will account for dominance of P2P streaming media to build new media platforms, advertising revenue will become dominant. According to iResearch statistics, in 2006 the Chinese P2P streaming media market, advertising revenues of 0.1 billion, is expected to reach 070 million yuan in 2007, reached 480 million yuan in 2010.



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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harder than steel

And information on the ERP, Zhang magic mind is fuzzy, so in an interview Friday afternoon to go to a company's information department of posts and dialed my phone.

"Can you tell me some information of general definition, as my afternoon rhetoric, is not it can be said that a number of ERP to help businesses streamline the management software is a very important auxiliary tool?"

Although the words are very amateurish, but there are some words touched me, help, support ... ... we can see magic in the eyes of Zhang ERP is only a sort of supporting role, with the better. I believe most of this view, but tend to emerge around some very different type of example. Some steel mills are the ERP push up from the secondary location, the enterprise could not do without the "equipment." Like a ticket, do not and can not enter.

A U.S. law, a German company has deepened the feelings of the ERP, and as the market changes, such feelings will be deeper. U.S. anti-dumping regulations (commonly known as Section 201) provides that the sales price for the imported goods shall not be less than its cost of production. Not only the United States, the trend of global economic integration, to avoid malicious terms of market competition in the country have been or soon will be introduced.

Bill to talk about easy on the surface is very reasonable, but object to specific application is a test of any non-United States steel companies into the U.S. market must have a ticket, that is the price structure statement. ThyssenKrupp in Germany, a great piece of business is steel, stainless steel sell it to Washington, they must provide to the U.S. government of any kind or a batch of steel production cost report.

In the market, the price is a very sensitive thing, and now the price is no longer a completely individual behavior of enterprises, to enter the U.S. market can and can not sell this price, unless you have a good reason. This is indeed a very sentimental thing, a ton of steel is often because of dozens of money blocked, so exaggerated it? The fact is that today's steel industry well into the low-profit, the profit margin per ton of steel than 3% to 6% of the slit space. Some domestic steel mills, only one 200 per ton profit.

Faced with this space, not to mention cheaper than the others sell, is to do what a reasonable price, very difficult. Because of the error cost per ton of steel requires very high, only 3 percent profit margin, your error on the 5% possible? ThyssenKrupp Steel refining, no matter how, we must learn to plan carefully. From the mine, from sintering, to iron, to steel, which after all links to hundreds of species involved, and even higher price factor. Steel production process is very complicated, is not a complete process of production, in order to streamline the main, while there are discrete. A manufacturing process, starting from the sales order to the job shop scheduling, because the chemical reaction itself is a production process, can not achieve 100% comply with orders for the needs of production found in element content if there are deviations, you can consider the production to the corresponding closer to the orders on, so here will involve some transfer of side orders, combination of balance and optimize batch production process. Cost components involved, they will find that this is a complex knot, and you do the price report, to track the prices of these 11 must be answered, or to make a reasonable cost distribution.

In addition, the MT will be many factors, such as: the production of scrap will be reasonable to calculate a retirement factor to consider when and why your lower coefficient than the others, to have data on; in the steel industry, the logistics chain is long, middle and end of transport costs, a car steel boat Ye Hao Ye Hao, all products are mixed transportation, freight rates of different species sharing the last one ... ...

This view down the price per ton of steel to formulate really "difficult birth." If you do not have a complete ERP system, the monitoring process, not to mention your order reaction cycle is a few days, how fast the internal balance optimization of production, a price reports are simply not complete, and the front is just a help to enhance and accelerate the price report is your ticket into the U.S. market, one. From this high view, ERP on the significance of ThyssenKrupp is not to live better, and become The island has.

Not only the U.S. market today, tomorrow's Japanese market, the UK market, the Egyptian market, which for foreign enterprises, or even legal restrictions on domestic enterprises will be more and more, on the one hand to stabilize the market, on the other hand cast one after another gap. Competitive performance in the future in many ways, a direct product technology, there will be some trade production areas. You can complete the technology development, the above example you have to be completed by means of information. Many of the South is said to do a small factory sanitary ware are also on the management software, because the product sold to the United States, although no legal restrictions on where the business environment requires, you can not do business without electronic means, there is the principle of a ticket.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Proper way to make money: to be a know how to "lose money," the dealer

Chu Lu'an City of Anhui Province, is a dealer engaged in food operations, introduced by someone else, he knew the food company A company's chairman Yang. A company is an enterprise instant noodles just start soon. After the exchange, Mr Chu is determined to make A's distributor.

Soon, as a quality accident, A company dealing in the market for the products in question, all of a sudden huge loss occurs. For a fresh start for a company not long, the loss of almost fatal: many dealers saw something bad, have chosen to give up, A company once almost lost all the dealers.

At this critical moment the most difficult, Mr Chu has chosen to stand together and A company, not only did not give up the right to operate the company's products, but their money to deal with market problems, the company has not made any demands.

Zhu This mainly for two reasons: first, through the distribution period of time, he found A company's products have a broad market. Business enterprises with competitive products when compared to clear differentiation and competitive, and business-to-market product development concept to grasp, and can do a good grasp.

Second, A's market is mainly in Henan, Anhui, products after a problem, put a lot of money and manpower to solve the problem. The problem occurred two months, Mr. Zhu A company estimates at least 500 million yuan investment funds dealing with the aftermath. 5 million yuan, not only shows a certain strength of the company A, but shows good market A company is sincere.

Zhu won the support of A's trust in the delivery, he has been even greater concessions from the A's. Over the past six months after the storm died down, A company's rapid sales growth, has now reached more than 3,000 yuan a month in sales. Chu Although only a small distributor, sales of 4 500 thousand yuan per month, but in the preferential policies, the profits can still be considerable.

Since then, Mr. Zhu has repeatedly put forward reasonable suggestions to help A Company management, to improve it. In order to continue to make A's management close to the market, Mr. Zhu proposed to set up distributors in politics committee, was quickly adopted by the company A, he also became the Chairman of the Committee not take a salary.


Although start looking at some "stupid", but the reality proved that Zhu's choice is correct. A continued increase in post-market investment, maximize the benefits of him in the company's products in short supply, Mr. Zhu has also been a variety of benefits A company.

Dealers in the choice of objects, both on the market in which to make judgments, but also the strength of enterprises, strategic planning to make judgments, so that can help you see the face of difficulties, or difficulties in respect of the termination of a business co-operation , then the business after the recovery and growth will not be thinking of you.

In addition, make reasonable suggestions to the company, not only can help the enterprise, more importantly, can help to their own.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Digital board reshuffle: Chairman Guo Wei

Dec. 20 message, distribution and IT services provider Digital China (0861.HK) announced yesterday its latest board structure, including the third-largest shareholder, president and CEO, replacing Li Qin Guo Wei, Chairman, including two " Old Legend ", including the resignation of four non-executive directors, four representatives of the new investors took over.

4 on looked

Digital bulletin released last night showed that since December 19, 2007 began, representatives of major shareholders Legend Holdings, the former Chairman of the Board of Digital China Li Qin resigned due to retire and the post of director, while no longer serve as Chairman of the Board; major shareholders The second representative of Legend Holdings, the former chairman of Lenovo, the former director of the Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences has Maochao also due to retire and has resigned as a Director of; also resigned as a director include the current executives of the China Digital Zhinian .

In addition to this announced the resignation of three directors, the Digital 17, the evening also announced that the original investors cash out now General Atlantic Partner's Managing Director William O. GRABE has resigned from the Digital China's non-executive director. Yesterday evening bulletin with the resignation of three directors, board of directors of this adjustment total of 4 Digital outgoing directors.

In the four new directors, the former largest shareholder, holding 16.23% is the second largest shareholder of Legend Holdings shares reduced by two directors from the Tang Xudong, vice president of reassigning a person as a director; new investment Fang Hongyi Investment send as its Managing Director, Hong-Yu Digital Director; the other two directors from the current 18.35% shareholding of the largest shareholder of SAIF, the Fund's directors in Taipei, and Andrew Yan joined the Digital Board of Directors.

In addition to adding four new non-executive directors, the original two executive directors continue concurrently. Lin, executive vice president of Digital China as Yang Guo Wei's old partner, continues to serve as Executive Director, Vice Chairman, President and CEO, Guo Wei's third-largest shareholder to continue as an executive director and Chairman of the Board.

Digital China's four independent directors Hu Zhaoguang, Wu Jinglian, WZ, and KWAN Ming Heung Peter remains unchanged.

Code fully into the era of God, Guo Wei

As the holdings of Legend Holdings to become the second largest shareholder, the fund investors to become the largest shareholder, the management team on behalf of Guo Wei became the third-largest shareholder, with the announcement of new equity program, replacing Li Qin Guo Wei had served as its Chairman in the industry expected.

This change, there are clear indications in the month before. In mid-November, Digital China held the most important annual events - Science and Technology Innovation Week, and as Chairman of the Board of Li Qin did not attend. In a press meeting held during the conference, Guo Wei also specially convened group's new management team debut, this all indicates that Digital China will have new changes.

With Digital MBO (management buyout) of the complete structure of the company as a whole shares a great deal of change, institutional holdings, cash and the entry of new shareholders, are harbingers of a comprehensive re-election today, the board of directors is expected.

In addition to the management of two executive directors and independent directors, the whole party on behalf of shareholders, all non-executive director of the team change, Guo Wei also the third largest shareholder, chairman, president and CEO of the identity of the absolute core of the company, which means Digital China entered the era and Guo Wei Guo Wei advocated service transformation era.

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